J&T Plastic Products

J&T Plastic Products, which was established more than a decade ago, started its business in 1990. Initially the company’s consumer items were hangers, clips, baskets, trashcans, food containers, plates and many other household products. The company’s vision was to provide household plastic products for the Filipino families and to help make their lives convenient. Today, with many years of experience in the plastic industry, J&T emerged as one of the biggest plastic manufacturing companies, not only in the Philippines, but in Asia-Pacific Region as well.

To date, J&T has been manufacturing a wide variety of plastic products which include dish organizers, chest drawers, cabinets, functional boxes, monobloc chairs and tables and many more that cater to the needs of the consumers. We are proud of our products that are a part of our consumer’s everyday life. True to its slogan:“Making life convenient,” J&T has indeed contributed in making the life of every household and consumer “convenient.”

With the few success the company had through the years, J&T is still continuing its vision of providing plastic products to the consumers for their needs and convenience. We continuously develop a comprehensive line of plastic products for different purposes and aims to become the best plastic product manufacturing company in the Philippines, the Southeast Asian Region, and soon globally. J&T aims to become the consumer’s top choice of plastic products and be an integral part of our consumer’s life.